(S)CSS and code quality

Like with any software project, the developer of a CSS project should take care of a nice codebase. This is always important, and especially while working in a team. CSS makes no difference here. The basics of CSS are mostly easy to learn, but with a growing codebase the maintainability can go out of control really quickly without a basic strategy. A CSS preprocessor like SCSS introduces comfortable and powerful features to help you with that.

Peer Reviews are a Good Thing™

Peer Reviews, also das “Korrekturlesen” von Code durch andere Developer, helfen enorm, die Qualität unserer Arbeit zu sichern. Weil aber das Formulieren von und der Umgang mit Verbesserungsvorschlägen bekanntlich nicht ganz einfach ist, hier ein kleiner Überblick aus unserer Praxis, wie Peer Reviews für alle Beteiligten wirklich etwas bringen.
Peer reviews help to ensure quality. Since we know that dealing with reviews isn’t always that easy for both sides, here a little outline on how, in our experience, peer reviews can really work and be a help to the whole team.