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We are a forge for innovation based in Munich. We develop digital products or greenfield projects.

  • People are our focus and development is our passion
  • Our motivation is to make our passion accessible
  • Working on an equal footing and mutual understanding
  • Intrinsic motivation as key for success!


  • High end challenges
  • Flexible work hours & environment
  • Open Holiday Policy
  • Conference Budget
  • Regular Team Events
  • Equipment Budget
  • A deep love for Open Source
  • Team Play
  • A space for professional nerdism
  • And for sure fruits, coffee, Mate & drinks


Tech used in production

  • Kubernetes as Container Orchestration
  • Elasticsearch Cluster as Data-Warehouse
  • Solr Cluster / ZooKeeper or Elasticsearch as Search Engine Solution
  • Consul as Service-Discovery and Runtime Configuration Store
  • Ansible as Configuration Management
  • Terraform as Infrastructure as Code
  • NSQ, NATS or Kafka as Messaging Bus / Streaming
  • Varnish as Reverse Proxy
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL or MariaDB as relational Databases
  • Django or Flask (Python) as CRUD Framework and Webinterface
  • Grafana as Dashboard Plattform
  • Kibana as Analytics Plattform
  • Prometheus for Metrics and Monitoring
  • Jaeger for Request Tracing
  • Docker as Container Engine
  • Redis as extremely fast Key Value store
  • REST API as external Interface
  • OK Log or ELK Stack as Log-Management
  • cAdvisor as Container Introspection
  • TensorFlow as Machine Learning Framework
  • GitLab as CI/CD Tool and Container Registry
  • Vue.js, Angular and React as Frontend Frameworks
  • OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 as web-based Single Sign-on Frameworks/Protocols
  • Apache Fuseki as RDF Triple Store (specialized Graph Database for Ontologies/Categories)


  • Go – The Go Programming Language
  • Python
  • JavaScript / Node.js


  • Cloud Native
  • Microservice Architekturen
  • Data Driven Applications
  • Serviceorientierte Architekturen

what‘s your tech <3